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  • Leaves no traces of glue
  • After peeling off the glue tends to stick to the tape carrier
  • Adaptation to the glued surface and the specific application
  • High flexibility of the tape carrier
402-K02-01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07

40202 Marking adhesive tape


  • available in a wide range of colours
  • high elasticity
  • great resistance to abrasion
  • long life
  • suitable for package marking and for colour marking used in storage systems
  • does not leave glue residues
  • may be removed easily
  • used for warning signs
  • can be shaped, resistant to abrasion and chemical substances


  • floor marking and identification, labels used in storage systems
  • package labelling
  • decorative purposes, sealing, repairs and joining


Carrier: soft PVC
Thickness: 0,15 mm
Thermal resistance: +4 °C až +77 °C

  • 1/40

    402-K02-01-050 YELLOW
    50 mm / 33 m

    402-K02-03-050 BLUE
    50 mm / 33 m

    402-K02-04-050 RED
    50 mm / 33 m

    402-K02-05-050 GREEN
    50 mm / 33 m

    402-K02-06-050 WHITE
    50 mm / 33 m

    402-K02-07-050 BLACK
    50 mm / 33 m

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