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DYKENO comes to completely protect you and streamline both production and operation. Every day, in every situation, in any environment. With over twenty years of tradition and a new, dynamic, sharp and modern face.

We work hard to make your every move at work not only safe, but accompanied by a maximum feeling of comfort. At the same time, we simplify your production processes by providing complete protection workwear and industrial materials for work, protection, and operations. We are by your side, from customer service to client services and marketing support.


The combination of comfortable wearing and safety at the same time. This is DYKENO Work & Safety. Products that protect you at work and not only meet legislative requirements (OSH) but also feel good to wear. Quality, design, function, and preservation of ergonomics in any environment, whether you work outdoors or indoors.

Complete safety and work clothing, work gloves, eye protection, hearing protection and respiratory protection for safety and health at work.


DYKENO Tech brings innovation into your production. Technical products based on experience and testing directly in technological plants, proven in practice and supported by many years of experience. We develop products to facilitate production in every industry sector and in general operation as well. We are able to provide custom production.

Adhesive tapes, industrial cleaning, abrasives, tools and accessories for both custom and serial production across industries.


DYKENO Premium is a guarantee of TOP quality and design. Clothes that make you feel great, whether in your spare time or at work. DYKENO Premium is based on functional clothing that has versatile and practical use.

Leisurewear and accessories that combine comfort, functionality, attractiveness and style.